Monday, 23 July 2012

De Parade

De Parade is a summer institution in the Netherlands.
It's this amazing concept, kind of like a travelling theatre group with glorious food.
For two months in the summer you can find them in the four big cities: Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

They spend about 2 weeks in each city starting in Rotterdam and ending in Amsterdam.
At the moment you can find them at the Moreelsepark in Utrecht, they'll be here until 5 August.

We kind of decided to go there at the spur of the moment, they open at 2pm on a Sunday and entrance is free before 4pm.

We saw one show, then Heidi spent some time crafting and finally she just had to see another show in the silent disco. It was quite a busy afternoon.

The husband and I are thinking of getting a babysitter so that we can go and have some more grown up fun there one evening this week. And the food, oh the food...

If you haven't been then I can highly recommend an afternoon or evening at de Parade!

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  1. potverdikkie vorig jaar (of was het al 2 jaar geleden...)was het ook nog in den Bosch (dat is hier wat dichterbij). Maar nu zo te zien dus niet meer. jammer..... Ik vind het namelijk ook erg leuk!


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