Monday, 29 April 2013

Camera, oh my Camera

I'm trying very hard to improve my general photography skills but I get the feeling that I pretty much suck at it.

I have an old Canon DSLR and my dad bought me a new lens: 50mm f/1.8
It's really good when the lighting is not so good.
But I'm not so good at operating the camera in manual mode.
I keep getting blurred photos which I hate.
And occasionally I get some brilliant shots.

Of course I'm a complete novice but it is frustrating.

Yesterday after months of debating I bought a new camera.

Now I have a new camera and a new lens... so maybe things will improve?
I almost fainted when I switched it on, the screen is so big and the camera is so fast!
Why on earth do I have to go to work today when all I want to do is play with my camera.

But first things first - work and then time to get ready for the Queensday festivities which starts tonight!

Shall I bake some cupcakes with orange icing for Heidi?

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