Thursday, 18 April 2013

Caprese Salad

The basil I have growing on in my kitchen is so lovely.
Even though I seem to neglect it ever so slightly (yes, I either give too little or too much water) it always bounces back to give me the most tasty, fragrant leaves.

This past weekend my husband pointed out (again) how disorganised I am. Of course he is right but I do so hate to admit it. I buy groceries without any real plan and then I find things in the fridge which I had better use or throw out. Like a ball of mozzarella which I bought ages ago. Why did I buy it again? Oh yes, it was on special... good reason, right?

Luckily I had my trusty basil and some ripe tomatoes which of course go really well with mozzarella.

I love the combination and what I love even more is eating it while in Italy but since that is not really an option right now I'm happy to enjoy it at home.

Remember to drizzle extra virgin olive oil over your salad just before you serve it :-)

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