Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Taking Stock

I follow quite a few blogs and I saw this list on Meet me at Mikes which I thought was an excellent idea - taking stock of things... she provided a blank list for anyone to copy and paste so I couldn't resist filling in the blanks!

Making : Bunting (or thinking about making it!)
Cooking : Bobotie - I am a little obsessed with it and just made it for friends this past weekend who loved it... anyone want to come over for dinner so I can make it again??
Drinking : Water, and lots of it
Reading: Flow magazine - the kids keep interrupting me so it is taking me forever to get through the latest edition!
Wanting: New pans since the cheap ones I bought suck. I want BK or just anything better than what I have now!
Looking: forward to Christmas. I do love being 'festive'!
Playing: Sarah McClachlan's Wintersongs
Deciding: on what to make for Sinterklaas dinner with our neighbours.
Wishing: that the sun would set a little later so I can take better photos.
Enjoying: the festive Nespresso blend which I bought last week. Cherry & chocolate in my coffee!!
Waiting: for my grocery allowance.
Liking: the Nijhof in Baarn which I have only just discovered. They have an awesome outlet store too!
Wondering: whether I will ever lose some weight.
Loving: my kids.
Pondering: what to do about my future... work / study / just be creative?
Considering: going somewhere hot for Christmas, if I can find a very cheap deal.
Watching: Breaking Bad season 1 on netflix - intense!
Hoping: that we sell our house soon.
Marvelling: at the sheer fun my kids have and how they make me laugh.
Needing: to sort out the pain in my shoulder.
Smelling: Sabon's Pink Rose home scent.
Wearing: my new winter coat from GStar-Raw - guess which one!
Following: too many blogs / pages.
Noticing: that autumn this year is much milder than last year - no complaints here.
Knowing: that it will probably snow and I don't have winter tyres.
Thinking: about pretty things for my house - preferably in pastels.
Feeling: tired. Will I ever get a full night's sleep again?
Admiring: my neighbour - she is a pretty amazing woman.
Buying: lots of little gifts for Sinterklaas and Christmas (I love, love, love gift shopping!)
Getting: impatient for summer. I want sun.
Bookmarking: ideas for Heidi's birthday party - the theme is 'baking' this year.
Opening: boring mail *yawn*, looking forward to sending and receiving Christmas cards!
Giggling: every time I think of Stella trying to fly. She has wings and everything and I promise I'll make a video of it one of these days.

Wow, lots happening right?
Hope you have a great Tuesday. Here are some photos of my sweet Stella with her favourite Nutella to cheer you up:

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