Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Oh Fudge

It is a well known fact that I cannot make fudge.
Trust me, I have tried since the age of 12.
You can ask my mother.

We went through many a batch of runny fudge in our house. It usually ended up being one sticky mess which you could eat with a spoon. Even after hours in the fridge.

Luckily I can buy fudge whenever I like. I shouldn't because I cannot stick to one piece but every now and again my resistance fails and I indulge.

At the fair in the Griftpark a few weeks ago they had food stalls from all over the world (or so they claimed). Lo and behold, they even had a 'British' stall filled with fudge!! I couldn't resist buying a few pieces. Strawberry and cream, orange choc, choc mint, sweet heaven. Of course it wasn't nearly as good as it looked. Don't let fancy flavours or colours distract you. But who am I to talk, I'm a sucker for pretty colours!


  1. Het ziet er prachtig uit inderdaad!! Jammer dat het niet zo smaakte.
    Fijne dag! Druk aan het inpakken?

    1. Tja, mooi plaatje maar smaakt wat minder... ik heb wel al mijn fudge opgegeten hoor ;-) en ja, heel druk aan't inpakken!!! Zucht. Fijne dag!

  2. I'll make you some fudge, eeeeasy peeeeasy. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe (and dangerous for the waistline...) xxx


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