Monday, 3 September 2012

Wedding Stories - The Ceremony

We went to South Africa for my brother's wedding.
It was wonderful.
So wonderful that I'll be sharing my memories with you all week.

The ceremony took place on a farm, surrounded by wheat fields in the warm afternoon sun.

Little kids were running around, white parasols kept the sun out of our eyes while we were seated on straw bales.

My brother, Marius, looked dashing and his beautiful bride, Jeani, was a vision.


Most of the photos were taken by our talented friend, Pierre.


  1. Wauw!! Wat een prachtige foto's!
    Wat een mooie en bijzondere lokatie, heerlijk hoor!
    Woont je broer ook in Zuid-Afrika?

  2. Wat bijzonder om daar bij te zijn zeg!
    Geweldige foto's inderdaad....


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