Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wedding Stories - The Reception

While the bride and groom were off on a photo shoot the guests enjoyed a lazy sunset with cold drinks and delicious snacks.

Typical South African treats like biltong and droƫ wors, chicken liver pate, hummus and delicious cheeses with all kinds of condiments.

The setting was beautiful with mountains in the distance and bunting waving around in a gentle breeze. The kids were already dancing around festively, while big bonn fires were about to be lit. Warm blankets were on standby for the chill the darkness would bring.

The happy couple entered and broke tradition by starting the reception with a dance.

Speeches, laughter, tears and toasts followed by a delicious buffet.

It was a party that could have gone on forever... but then the kids started getting tired and for me it was time to head to bed with a head full of happy memories.

Most of the photos were taken by our talented friend, Pierre.

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