Friday, 28 June 2013

DWZI - Not Exactly Summer

It is officially summer.
I assure you.

Wearing my winter clothes and actually being cold isn't exactly what I had hoped for.

But I'm positive that sunshine and warm weather will be here soon.
Mostly we played indoors this week because I didn't feel like going outside in the rain with the kids.  Hey, they didn't seem to mind... as you can see they both love painting and being creative (just like me!).

Have a great, and hopefully warm, weekend!!

You can find all the DWZI participants here.
Deze week zag ik is iedere vrijdag een blik op de afgelopen week.


  1. Wat heb je toch een mooie meiden!
    Heel fijn weekend met elkaar!

  2. Dat ziet er knusjes uit. Het wordt vast nog wel zomer.

    Liefs MamaNatuurlijk

  3. Komende week belooft het prachtig weer te worden.


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