Monday, 13 January 2014

Children's Party Wrap Up

With a big sigh of relief I can say that we survived the children's party on Saturday.

And I can honestly say that it is the last time that I'll be hosting one for Heidi at home.

Here's why:

  1. Our house is not big enough to handle more than 6 children and we had 7 here on Saturday. We don't have a garden, it is winter and the weather was bad so everything happened indoors.
  2. I'm terrible with kids. Really. When I'm around any kids other than my own I just have nothing to say. I then try and mask my discomfort by acting all happy and it is exhausting.
  3. Children's parties = major mess. For example: at some point one of the kids knocked over a bowl of hundreds and thousands and it went everywhere. Imagine a floor covered in a million colours. Guess who had to clean the mess while trying to stay calm... and then our dishwasher broke.
  4. It is a lot of work. This is the kind of thing you pay someone to do. Lesson learnt.

Now that I'm done ranting here are some photos of the party. I'm sure everyone had a good time and that is the most important thing!

P.S. I just have to add that my husband is a rock star. If it wasn't for him I never would have survived the party!


  1. LOL! I really loved the little-kids-parties, but now my oldest turned 15 and invited friends over for a BBQ. All the planning I made was rejected by her, and I sat inside with papa baking/bbqueing out in the garden (luckily we have one) with 7 chicks yelling to eachother. He was really calm and made me survive too.

    Maybe that will be your time to excel, partying with teens?! But your a real GOOD mother, you survived and your kid had a swell party!

    1. ha ha! I cannot even image the teenage parties to look forward to... but it is good to know that we all go through these things and like you say, as long as the kids remember it as being swell ;-) Groetjes!

  2. Ai vriendin, ek geniet jou eerlikheid. Op foto's lyk als altyd so idilies, maar agter die skerms is een gedane mamma. Weet net jy is nie alleen. Groete en verlange, Tx

    1. Dankie vriendin, kinders is harde werk! Lekker week vir jou, xxx


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