Friday, 17 January 2014

Fondant Fun

If you are ever at a loss for ideas on how to decorate cupcakes then fondant is your answer.
You can buy it just about anywhere these days.
It comes in a wide range of colours.
And it is just like playing with clay!

Of course it helps if you have a few gadgets / tools/ shape cutters to speed up the process.
I had a daisy shaped fondant cutter which I bought years ago and finally had the chance to use it. I also used my alphabet cookie cutter shapes to cut out Heidi's name. Cool right?
I even gave the kids a piece of fondant to play with and it took them a very long time before they figured out it is edible :-) Of course once they realize it you will have to act quickly and remove the fondant from their sticky little fingers before they eat it all...

Hope you have a fun filled weekend ahead!

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