Wednesday, 16 November 2011


One of my favourite restaurants is Wagamama.
I used to work in Amsterdam Zuid and there is a Wagamama's right by the WTC, the perfect stop for a quick lunch.

We decided to treat ourselves and off to Amsterdam Zuid we went on a cold Sunday evening.

The restaurant is modern and the food is Asian inspired.

I always eat something with chicken and rice here... simply because I really like chicken and rice. But they have glorious soups, tasty noodles and freshly squeezed juices too.

My chicken, courgette, mushroom and rice dish was delicious. Drenched in a warm, slightly salty broth it was perfect for a cold evening. My husband enjoyed a seafood noodle dish. We also had dumplings and some grilled asparagus spears. They have a kids menu so Heidi was catered for too... crumbed chicken breast (not quite chicken nuggets, in her words, but definitely a more healthy and tasty substitute!). Luckily there were some other kids running around the restaurant and Heidi soon joined them, leaving Stella behind to finish the food.

We left the restaurant feeling satisfied. Happy me and happy family.

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