Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Yakimono in Houten

We met up with some friends in a restaurant called Yakimono in Houten.
It is yet another big wok Asian style restaurant.

The restaurant is tastefully decorated, modern and has a great view of the A27 motorway.

We were 4 adults and 3 children and there was something to eat in every one's taste. They had soups, salads, ready made sate in peanut sauce, a teppanyaki grill, a wok area and lots of ice cream.

I must admit that I find it hard to be overly excited about this restaurant. It does exactly what it says on the label. The wok is definitely the best choice out of all the dishes. The sushi was downright shameful. At least they had really nice ice cream as an end to the meal.

They have baby seats and they have a children's play area. However, the play area is not particularly safe and it would be wise to supervise your children if you allow them to play there.

All in all we had a good evening out - the food was all right, the company was excellent.

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