Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Little Cupcakes

Heidi loves baking and she really loves eating the results even more...
Who can resist indulging such a sweet child.
My husband bought a 'just add an egg and milk' box of princess cupcakes.
It was dead simple and a good chance to use my oven for baking.

The cupcakes were on the small side but the kids loved them and they were gone within minutes.

I'm still thinking about what to bake next.
Any suggestions?


  1. je dochter kleurt ook nog eens mooi bij je keuken!

  2. Wat heerlijk! Zo'n kleine keukenprinses!!

    Een appeltaart! Pepernoten! Gevuld speculaas!
    Ik kom wel helpen opeten ;-)


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