Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lunch at Umami

I had some free time the other day and walked into town to browse the shops.
Not that I had any plan whatsoever.
On my way home I realized that I was hungry and lunch time was almost over.
There are quite a few restaurants on the Oudegraght and I've never tried Umami.
I often walk past it on my home after my wednesday evening class at the UCK held at the ganzenmarkt, and it is always packed. It must be popular for a reason.

Lunch time is the perfect time to go there. It was relatively quiet and they have a really good lunch menu for only € 7,95 p.p! (this is a real bargain)

I enjoyed chicken salad and tja sieuw with white rice. As you can see from my instagram photos, the portion was generous and beautifully presented. Yummy.

Plus it felt kind of liberating having lunch all by myself :-)

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