Monday, 11 March 2013

Ceiling Problems

So something went wrong when we built the new roof.
There is a leak somewhere and it is clearly visible on the ceiling.

My husband's been on the roof a few times to try and fix it but so far no luck.

We're waiting for better weather to dig deeper into the problem.
But it really isn't pretty... no matter how decoratively I frame it.

By the way, happy birthday little brother :-)


  1. Bij ons kwam het ooit door stuifsneeuw, die kon tussen het rubber door. De verzekering was oa. aardig voor vergooeding van het herstellende schilderwerk. Succes ermee!

  2. How disappointing to see leaks like that from your roof. And to think that you just built it. But I guess it still serves a good purpose on you because you have become more aware of its condition and try to address the problem before it gets worse. How is it now, anyway? If your husband can’t fully repair the leaky roof himself, as roof repairs can be tough, it would be best to call an expert to help you. Lino Kosters @


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