Friday, 29 March 2013

DWZI - Not Much other than my Bed

Yes, you guessed it.
I got ill again.
I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that it is spring but it still feels like winter since it is so cold and the sun is in hiding.
Bit of a wasted week since mostly I spent it in bed, with pain and fever.

This time I have a crazy throat infection and am now on a strong dose of antibiotics so I am positive that by tomorrow I will be feeling much better. Plus I am not a good patient and my husband is running out of patience.

I ordered a book which arrived this week:

Yes, clearly I have some issues with getting stuff done and making decisions so on the recommendation of a blogpost by  Kim Welling I ordered it.
Due to my blinding headaches I've not yet managed to read it but I'm quite intrigued... 

Here's wishing you a very healthy and happy Easter weekend!

You can find all the DWZI participants here.
Deze week zag ik is iedere vrijdag een blik op de afgelopen week.


  1. beterschap, wat vervelend koud is het ook buiten he?? Hier heerst ook al de zoveelste snotperiode deze winter :-(

  2. De zomertijd komt er aan!
    Oke oke vandaag nog sneeuw :(

  3. Beterschap! Doe rustig aan en knap maar snel op ;-)

  4. Wat balen zeg! Hopelijk knap je nu snel op en wordt het gauw mooier weer.
    Fijn paasweekend!


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