Monday, 25 March 2013

Stella's Good Bye Treat

Stella is leaving her part time creche to go to a creche in our neighbourhood.
After years of being on a waiting list it is going to be great to have only one creche to go to and one that is close by.

I feel a little sad of course that she is leaving 'de kleine vlindertjes' because they are fabulous and have taken really good care of her. Not sure how Stella will feel about it.

It is tradition to give a treat to say goodbye so Heidi and I have been working hard on making something for Stella to take along tomorrow.

Basically she's going to hand out decorated little boxes of raisins.
I know it is not much, but hey, the kids are between 1,5 - 2 years old so their expectations are not that high.

The teachers will get a much nicer, non-edible treat :-)

Bye bye butterflies!

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