Monday, 9 December 2013

Back to Reality

What a week we had last week. Sinterklaas came to visit multiple times. We ended our celebrations on Friday evening with our neighbours. The kids were running around, playing games and the grown ups enjoyed a glass of prosecco.

I made dinner which consisted out of bread, cold meats, snacks, crudités, home made hummus and tzatziki, chips and lots of cheese. My kind of dinner - easy and you can snack for hours!

After dinner we went to our neighbours house where we had dessert... chocolate brownies, assorted muffins, cookies, chocolates, pepernoten and hot chocolate with baileys. Sweet indeed. Sinterklaas knocked on the window and delivered a big bag of presents for the kids!

It was a week of overindulgence so this week the husband and I will do our best to take control again. In other words there will be lots of salad on the menu this week. Hopefully we get a chance to put up our Christmas tree because once Sinterklaas leaves the country you are finally allowed to get into the Christmas spirit!

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