Friday, 4 April 2014


We have a million things to do.

OK, I know everyone has a million things to do but it feels a little overwhelming right now with the new house and everything. I have long lists...

This week I:
- got quotes from moving companies;
- ordered grass for the new house;
- confirmed a delivery week for our floors;
- gave notice for Stella's playgroup;
- gave notice for Heidi's dance class;
- gave notice for my sewing lessons;
- went to two different schools in Doorn and found one that can take both kids;
- enrolled Heidi in her new school;
- gave notice to her current school;
- made an appointment for Heidi to spend a morning at the new school in May;
- had a disagreement with the current school principal due to an 'administrative error' on their side and I'm still waiting for an apology from him which will probably never happen;
- measured all furniture in our house to see if they will fit in the new one;
- checked whether my library card is valid in our new town, and it might be the same province but no, I have to cancel and reapply;
- went looking for a bargain on curtains but so far no luck, the search continues.

My husband also gave notice to our Internet and television provider and got our new house linked to our current energy and gas provider.

Big sigh.

Little by little we do what we can. This weekend we will start the DIY work on the house so wish me luck.

On a brighter note - the weather has been glorious and we spent yesterday afternoon outside drawing on the courtyard.

Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend ahead!

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