Monday, 28 April 2014

Looking Back at King's Day

What a weekend!
We had a lot of fun and managed to get rid of some stuff in the process.
It was also exhausting because let me tell you that getting a spot to sell your stuff is quite a mission. You have to be there early and you have to be quite tenacious. With the help of my friend and neighbour we were successful in our mission.

The kids had fun running around and spending the profit of their sales. We had fun standing around, chatting, drinking beer and eating snacks whilst trying to sell our junk for as much as possible. It was a good evening.

The next day my sister in law arrived and I went to the vrijmarkt twice. Yes, twice.
Once with the kids and once with the whole family and our guests. We walked a lot, ate a lot and bought new junk which we will inevitably sell or donate. You will be amazed at what people sell. For now the kids love their new toys and we just try to contain the mess :-)

Hope you have a great week!

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