Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Illustrating Frames

I had a flash of inspiration and wanted to draw a little frame.
Probably because I actually love framing pictures.
I even went one step further and imported the drawing into illustrator and converted it to a vector drawing using image trace. Whoohoo. Sounds impressive, right? Well it is not really but it does mean I can do a bit more with the drawing if ever I should want to.

Here is the original drawing with some colour added framing Stella on her bike:

Here are two versions the converted drawing. Cool, right? I love this stuff!

Do you like it? I feel like drawing some more now :-)


  1. Wauw! Mooi zeg! Teken rustig verder, ik vind ze prachtig!

  2. Leuk! Het maakt je foto nog mooier :-)


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