Monday, 21 July 2014

Potato Salad

Well it certainly feels like summer!
It has been hot. Tropical heat.
Which is quite uncharacteristic for the Netherlands.
I'm not complaining because I would much rather have the heat and sun than miserable rain!

We've been eating outside every day and mostly it is salads or cold meats but we've also had a few barbecues. I've made potato salad about three times in the last two weeks... because I had the ingredients in the house!

It is very simple. Boil 8 medium peeled potatoes in salted water until cooked (the amount of potatoes will depend on the number of people - I used about two medium sized potatoes per person). At the same time boil one egg in another pot with salted water. Drain both the potatoes and the egg and let them cool down. In the mean time finely dice one medium sized onion and cover with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar. Roughly cut the potatoes into bite size pieces. Pour the onion and vinegar over the slightly cooled potatoes. Now make the rest of the dressing.

Depending on your guests and their allergies you may or may not use some sour cream on the dressing. Mix a teaspoon dijon mustard with a tablespoon sour cream and about 4 tablespoons mayonaise. Mix well.

Peel the boiled egg, dice it and add to the potatoes. Add the mayonaise dressing and mix it all very well. Taste and add salt as needed. Lastly dress with finely sliced spring onion and chives.

Cover and keep refrigerated until ready to serve with the barbecue!


  1. Mmm, lekker hoor!! Wij maken em altijd met gerookte kip en stukjes mandarijn of abrikoos.
    Op dit moment komt hier de regen met bakken uit de hemel. Ik denk dan maar, het is goed voor de tuin en de temperatuur in huis wordt weer wat aangenamer.
    Ik vond de afgelopen dagen aardig afzien, ben niet zo van de hitte. Laat het maar lekker tussen de 20-25 graden blijven :-)
    Ffijne dag!

    1. Bij ons is het bewolkt vandaag maar droog... tja, het was misschien een beetje te warm de afgelopen dagen hé. Als er maar een beetje zon is dan ben ik blij ;-)


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