Monday, 1 August 2011

Ice cream and sunshine

Today was surprisingly beautiful.

The sun was shining and even though I had to work, it just felt like a summers day. Finally.

I even stuck to the menu which I so diligently drew up for the week. Monday can be crossed off the list. The roasted vegetables were quite yummy, although I was rather annoyed when I grabbed the broccoli from the fridge only to find it not fit for consumption any more. Luckily the rest of the veggies were fine. They were even better drizzled with olive oil and after about an hour in the oven.

The highlight for the day was a quick trip to our local ice cream parlor: Il Mulino.
It is Heidi's favourite place, for obvious reasons.

Heidi graciously gave Stella a taste and both girls were happy as can be.

What a lovely end to this sunny day.

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