Friday, 20 April 2012

DWZI - Roses

Sometimes you've just got to stop and smell the roses.

Unfortunately the roses which I bought at the Jumbo turned out to have no fragrance at all... but hey, they were pretty to look at.

All week long I've been looking at them.
The soft pastel colours and perfectly shaped petals.

This week I have also been looking forward to my parents arriving for a short visit.
Today they finally arrive and by this evening we will be enjoying dinner together.
Nothing like having family around!

Happy weekend everyone!

                                     You can find the Deze Week Zag Ik participants here.


  1. Oh, wat fijn dat je ouders komen! Geniet van elkaar!

  2. Enjoy your time together Elma!!!

  3. Mooie foto's!
    Heel veel plezier met z'n allen dieze dagen!

  4. Dat heb je mooi gefotografeerd zeg.
    Veel plezier samen.

    Liefs MamaNatuurlijk

  5. Ik kan ze hier bijna ruiken....., nice.

  6. Prachtige foto's, prachtige rozen! Fijne tijd met je ouders!

  7. Mooie rozen! Mooie foto's! Geniet van je bezoek!


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