Sunday, 15 April 2012

Vegetable Patch #4

Things are growing!!

It is actually really exciting and I am doing my best not to be too impatient...

Today we transferred the little cherry tomato plants to their own little pots.
They will continue to grow inside the house, on the window sill.

Heidi was amazed at the progress they made and could not wait to 'help' with everything from planting to watering. Of course my husband did most of the work (he's the one with green fingers after all).

Now we wait some more.

I almost forgot to mention how I bought some lovely little plant labels for the vegetable patch from Dille & Kamille. The idea is that you write the names of the vegetables on it with chalk. Yes, you probably spotted it right away... we live in the Netherlands. It rains a lot. All my labels are gone. Good thing I have a rough idea what I planted!


  1. Leuk hoor!! Hier willen we eigenlijk ook een moestuintje beginnen. We zagen van die zakken van Lodewijk, maar wellicht zijn we al te laat?

  2. Voor de moestuincoach zijn jullie te laat... maar ik zeg gewoon beginnen!


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