Thursday, 24 October 2013


Funny how when you mention you are from South Africa and the discussion turns to food someone always asks about bobotie. It is a traditional South African dish which is basically a type of meatloaf infused with spices. I must admit that this was only the second time in my life that I ever made it... the last time was in 1993 which is a lifetime ago!

My mom is visiting and my husband got it into his head that he wanted something traditional so bobotie it was. Luckily my mom has made it quite a few times before so I had some assistance in the kitchen.

It is really not that hard to make and after browsing around I found a simple recipe on Nigella's site which my mom agreed is pretty much her standard way of making it. Remember to add some turmeric to your rice for a nice yellow colour and serve it with a big salad.

Here is a link to the recipe (which serves 6) and here is my adapted version which serves 3 - 4 persons:

500 grams minced beef
½ onion (diced)
15 ml cooking oil
10 ml butter
15 ml curry powder
5 ml salt
15 ml peach chutney (or apricot)
15 ml apricot jam (smooth)
15 ml worcestershire sauce
5 ml turmeric
15 ml malt vinegar
1 handful raisins
2 eggs
190 ml milk
1 slice brown bread
1 pinch of salt
3 bay leaves


Put bread into bowl with milk and leave to soak. Heat oil and butter in large pan and fry onions. When onions are soft add curry powder, salt, chutney, Worcester sauce, jam, turmeric and vinegar. Mix well.
Drain bread, saving milk. Add bread, raisins and meat to pan. Cook over low heat until meat looses its pinkness. Remove from heat and add 1 well beaten egg. Mix well then spoon into greased ovenproof dish and level the top.
Beat remaining egg into the reserve milk, add turmeric and salt, mix well. Pour over meat mixture and place bay leaf on the top. Bake uncovered in 180C for approximately 1 hour or until set (nicely browned). Serve with yellow rice, banana, coconut & chutney.


  1. What a perfect idea? I am making that tonight and using your recipe. Will have to pick up some curry powder and bay leaves from the shop...The rest I have covered :-)

    1. How did it go?? I hope it was a success :-)


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