Friday, 25 October 2013

Forest fun

This week we had some lovely weather in the Netherlands. Exceptionally warm weather for this time of year!

On Tuesday we went to 't Berghuis in Amerongen where the kids had a great time running around, eating pancakes and climbing on some pretty cool adventure style equipment for the kids in the forest. They spent all their energy climbing and sliding and crawling around.

Then on Thursday we stayed a little closer to home when my neighbour suggested we join them for a forest walk in de Bilt on the Landgoed Beerschoten. What a find! Who would have thought that within 10 minutes we would be able to take a walk in such a beautiful place. The kids loved it, they ran out into the autumn leaves, imagining fairies and elves and little red riding hood... oh to be that young and innocent.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Wat heerlijk zeg! Niets is leuker dan door bergen herfstbladeren rennen. Daar hoef je niet perse een kind voor te zijn ;-)

  2. Oh wat prachtig! Daar gaan jullie vast vaker heen!


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