Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pasta with Sausage in a Roasted Pepper Sauce

I have a dear friend with two lovely sons. Her youngest boy of 4 years old was recently diagnosed with leukaemia. Now that just sucks. And it isn't fair.

But they are doing everything possible and following a treatment plan which if all goes well should have him better within two years. In the meantime they get to spend a lot of time at the hospital... which as you can imagine is not exactly fun.

She has a great circle of friends and lots of people who care about her so when she asked for some help in the form of frozen meals everyone immediately started cooking. Now you probably know by now that I'm not exactly someone who ever freezes food, except for the occasional muffin or banana bread. Plus my freezer is tiny.

I decided to stop my nonsense and make her something to eat. Pasta with sausage and a roasted pepper sauce. It is based on the Jamie Oliver recipe in his 15-minute meal book. I was pretty pleased with the results and it is currently in my freezer, ready for delivery this week. Hopefully she likes it!!

The recipe goes something like this and is open to interpretation: grill some beef sausages. Blend onions, garlic, roasted peppers from a jar (capsicum) and tomatoes. Make a sauce, add seasoning (mixed herbs, salt, pepper), balsamic vinegar and let it simmer for a while. Cook the pasta. Mix everything together and enjoy!


  1. I have to say it was delicious! We ate it that night. Thank you for your kind words <3

    1. Thank goodness! I always worry when I cook for someone else... hope you guys have a lovely weekend ahead. xxx

  2. The banana bread is lovely too!


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