Friday, 4 October 2013

Temporary Tattoos

Now here is something you might not know about me. I love tattoos.
I mean if I had no self control and unlimited funds I might be covered with tattoos.
But I'm not.

I just find them so beautiful. Of course there is an art to it and sometimes it can go so very wrong which is probably why I'm quite cautious when it comes to adding permanent art to my body.

Luckily you can buy some awesome temporary tattoos to adorn yourself with!
I bought a few from Tattly last week. They have such beautiful designs and colours and even though I was primarily thinking of myself I also managed to buy some for my kids.

I've only applied one on myself and one on Heidi so far because I'm using them sparingly. You know, for special occasions or if I need a little pick me up. Although I think I might just go and apply another watch right now... the blue one is calling me!

Have a great weekend!!

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