Friday, 27 January 2012

DWZI - Temptation

This week I was tempted twice.

Cris, my master baker colleague, brought two cheesecakes to the office. One to celebrate her mother's birthday, and one to celebrate that she passed her drivers theory test.

The cheesecakes were beautiful. 
Imagine it, an oreo cookie cheesecake.

I had to use every ounce of my willpower to resist the temptation.
And resist I did.

Of course the temptation did not end there.

My illustration teacher had a birthday this week and she baked a cake for the class too.
She promised to put the recipe on her blog... and she did :-)
When I reach my goal weight this is the first cake I will be baking!
It had nuts, courgette, and other really healthy stuff as ingredients.
Even though I did not taste it, and I didn't even get a photo, it looked really good.
Take my word for it.

Happy weekend everyone!

You can find more 'Deze Week Zag Ik' participants here.


  1. Bikkel! Echt knap dat je niets geproefd hebt. Ik vind het echt knap dat je het vol houdt! x

  2. Jij bent ook echt goed bezig zo te lezen! Goed hoor!! Hoe lang ongeveer nog tot je op je goal weight zit en die lekkere taart mag bakken? De oreo cheeseburger cake ziet er zo lekker uit.......

    1. Ps
      De word verification bij het vorige bericht was "ovenpro", kan het toevalliger? Ik hoop dat je snel de Oven Pro uit kunt hangen! ;)

    2. Grappig! Het duurt nog even tot ik op me goal weight zit... misschien in Maart? Ik wil zoooo graag weer taarten bakken, maar ik durf het echt niet :-)


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