Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sunday Lunch at The Farm Inn

A Sunday lunch and a game drive.
The hot African sun.
Family and good times.

That is exactly what we experienced at The Farm Inn country hotel and game reserve in Pretoria a couple of weeks ago while on holiday in South Africa.

It is set in a suburb of Pretoria, but somehow it feels more remote.
They have a small game reserve and we went for a game drive with the kids.
We saw giraffes, deer, lions, hyenas and lots of beautiful birds.
The game ranger told us interesting facts about the wild animals and we were thoroughly entertained.

After the drive we headed to the restaurant where we enjoyed a buffet lunch.
They catered for everyone. Meat, vegetables, fish, salads, hot and cold dishes, bread and sauces, the works.

We sat at a table outside and put a blanket down for the kids.
Definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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