Thursday, 12 January 2012

Night Spa

Who ever heard of going to a night spa?
Certainly not me.

Well not until I started looking at options during our holiday and found out that in South Africa there are lots of places offering night spa treatments.

The two Spa's I looked at was Mangwanani and Bayete Estate.
We ended up booking a night spa at Bayete and it was lovely.
The price was very reasonable and included 3 treatments and a 3 course dinner.

The estate is located quite remotely just off a little road somewhere near Centurion. I must admit we were a little nervous driving around there at night but in the end it all worked out fine. Once you park your car you become aware of the beautiful lush green gardens. It is very well maintained and also serves as a wedding venue. It has a bit of an old worldly feeling. Quiet and rustic. The reception area is right next to an outdoor bar, heated pool and jacuzzi.

Here are some photos taken of the grounds in the early evening just as we arrived and before the sun set.

We received a little dressing room where we had to change into our bathing suits. They provided dressing gowns and slippers. Two friendly massage therapists welcomed us and guided us through a maze of little pathways to the stone treatment huts.

My husband and I had all our treatments together which I thought was quite romantic. Indian neck and shoulder massages, a full body hot stone massage as well as hand and feet exfoliation and massage. Candle lights and the sounds of the night insects calling each other added to a very peaceful ambiance.

After about three hours of treatments with breaks in between where we could help ourselves to something to drink, we were ready for dinner. But first we jumped into the jacuzzi!! It really was a beautiful warm summers night and we felt very pampered.

We did have a little excitement in our dressing room when a scorpion fell out of my clothes as I picked it up! As I jumped on a chair my husband, the hero, opened the door and let the little unwanted visitor out.

Dinner was excellent. I had haloumi cheese and my husband had garlic snails as a started. Then I had fillet of beef and my husband had the fish, all served with a side of fries and a greek salad. And lastly we had malva pudding with custard for dessert.

I definitely recommend having a night spa treatment!

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