Thursday, 10 May 2012

Food Photography and Styling Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending a food photography and styling workshop on Saturday. Simone and Alexandra were our teachers and tried to impart a wealth of knowledge to us in just one day.
What an experience!

It was clear from the start that I was out of my depth... I used my old SLR camera which I admit I don't use very often. Plus I am not quite an expert on aperture and shutter speed so it was a challenge for me to keep up. Then my camera tripod broke and I had to borrow one. Not the best start to the day.

The group consisted of 9 participants, all eager to learn more about photographing food and of course styling! It is amazing what a little thought into how to place a bowl of pasta can do. It's all about colours, accessories and just playing around until you get the right effect.

Trial and error.

We had lots of opportunity to practice different shots and style some dishes, as well as taking the photos in various light.

I really feel like I learnt a lot, but now it is all down to practicing and resisting the habit of just picking up my iPhone for every photo I take.

It will take time, but at least I am making a start!


  1. Leuk zeg, zo'n workshop, de foto's zijn echt heel mooi!
    Het is echt een vak apart he? Om eten zo te fotograferen dat het er
    lekker uitziet.

  2. ook alweer leuk! Het is idd een hele kunst om eten goed te fotograferen. succes.

  3. Leuk zeg! Mooie foto's en gaaf dat je dat soort cursussen doet!
    Ik moet zeggen dat ik je foto's altijd al mooi vond, dus ben benieuwd hoe ze nu kunnen worden!


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