Saturday, 12 May 2012

Vegetable Patch #5

I am as proud as punch.
We actually did it!
The radishes were harvested this morning by my little budding gardener.
Heidi simply loved pulling them out of the ground, one by one.

They are gorgeous too...
Well done to us!
I'm already looking around for some ideas on cooking radishes. I'll probably be using it in a salad as well as roasting them. Definitely radishes on the menu this weekend!


  1. You go girls!:)
    Deze zien er beter uit dan die uit onze moestuin hoor! Ze houden zeker meer van dakterrassen...

  2. Ze zien er erg smakelijk uit! Geniet er van!

  3. Wat zijn ze mooi, en wat een mooie foto zo met je dochter! Gefeliciteerd hoor!


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