Monday, 28 May 2012

Kitchen Extension

I thought I'd give a little bit of an update on our kitchen extension.
It is going to take months (yes, months) to finish it... but we are saving a lot of money by doing all the work with the neighbours.

Normally I am not a patient person.
This one time I am making an exception ;-)
It really is for a good cause and slowly but surely my excitement about our bigger kitchen is growing.

Plus let me tell you how impressed I am with my husband.
He works in a corporate environment every day, always wears a suit and is glued to his laptop.
Somehow he managed to turn into the best handy man ever.

Lucky me!


  1. phew, dat kost inderdaad een boel geduld...
    Maar ja, daarna heb je er weer jaren lol van!

  2. Wat leuk zeg! Spannend!! Nog even volhouden maar.
    Wij zijn ons aan het oriƫnteren of we gaan verbouwen of verhuizen. Als het verbouwen wordt, dan een aanbouw aan de woonkamer.


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