Thursday, 27 October 2011

Asia Restaurant in Apeldoorn

A couple of weeks ago we had a team event which ended at a Vietnamese restaurant in Apeldoorn called Asia.

The restaurant is surprisingly big once you go inside. We were a group of about 50 colleagues and it easily accommodated all of us with about half the restaurant to spare.

There is a big grill area where you can select your meat or fish and it is cooked right there in front of you. It is grilled to perfection. I had the chicken skewers, but some of my colleagues had prawns and steaks and they went for seconds and thirds.

A selection of standard Asian dishes was also available. Curries, noodles, rice, stir fried vegetables, banana fritters, fresh fruit, ice cream and more. The best part was the food from the grill, and the service with a smile.

We enjoyed our team dinner and I can happily recommend this restaurant if you happen to find yourself in Apeldoorn and in the mood for Asian cuisine!

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