Friday, 7 October 2011

DWZI - Kasteel de Haar

This week I saw some real extremes.

We enjoyed a lazy sunny picnic at Kasteel de Haar.
Then before you know it the weather changed and I spent most of my time stuck in traffic, alternating between first and second gear.

I felt like ranting and raving about the craziness and the frustration of sitting in your car, not moving, and not being able to do a thing about it. Then I decided it is better to focus on the beautiful picnic that we had. Good friends, good food and sunshine.

Kasteel de Haar has some kind of magic about it.

Happy weekend!

Deze week zag ik... this week I saw
(inspired by DezeWeekZagIk on the blogs by Daan en Roos)


  1. Hier in het zeeuwse hebben we (bijna) nooit file dus als ik er ooit in zit in het land kan ik er altijd wel van genieten...muziekje erbij en inderdaad de gedachten op de leuke dingen stand.
    Fijn weekend!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the castle and surrounding! Have a good weekend! ✗✗✗ Esther


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