Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Steak and Fries

We do not eat red meat often.
In fact, I think we eat red meat once a month...
But I just felt like having a steak and fries dinner, you know?

I made the fries myself, peeling them one by one and cutting matchstick size potato pieces. Well, not quite matchstick but thin enough to my liking.

We do not own a deep fat fryer And I swore we will never get one. So I heated up some vegetable oil in a pan, about 2 cm deep and fried up my lovely little chips.

The steaks went onto the griddle pan and I made my usual green salad.
It seems to me that a meal is not quite complete without a side salad.
Steak, fries and a salad. A very satisfying combination.

1 comment:

  1. Hoi Elma,

    Soms is een biefstuk erg lekker, helemaal met frietjes. Omdat je het niet vaak eet is het volgens mij ook zo lekker. Tenminste dat geldt voor mij.



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