Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wok de Mallejan in Maarssen

Sometimes you go to restaurants simply because you know exactly what to expect.

Wok de Mallejan is one of those places.

We don't go there often, well that is an understatement. Once a year at most.
It is a very big restaurant where they make all kinds of oriental food served buffet style including sushi but their main attraction is their wok bar. You pick the ingredients and they cook it in the wok for you.

Here is what I like about it:
- if you are hungry you can literally have a plate of food in front of you within minutes of entering the restaurant;
- it is child friendly. They have baby chairs, changing facilities and an unsupervised kids entertainment area.
- it has a lot of choice. Sometimes it is nice to be able to have a little bit of everything.
- you can eat as much as you like (probably not a good thing in my case).

This is not the type of restaurant where you go for fine dining. It is loud, busy and the food is o.k. You go here because the price is good, the service is quick and you feel like being a bit of a glutton. Once a year is just about the right number of times to go.

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