Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cheat Birthday Cakes

My daughters celebrate their birthdays within a week of each other.
We decided to have one birthday party while we were in South Africa.
Lots of family and friends joined us for the party in Zita park on a beautiful sunny morning.

I had every intention to bake the cakes.
But somehow I got wrapped up in a million other things and I realized that I had to cheat.
Cheat, cheat, cheat.
Buy the cakes...

So, off to the supermarket we went and returned with two big cream covered cakes.
Once we returned home I scraped off the cream and placed my icing designs on top of the cakes and off to the party we went.

The icing was ordered at De Leukste Taartenprints -  an excellent web shop. I simply uploaded the designs which I made on my laptop and within 3 days they sent me two A4 sheets of icing, ready to be cut out and placed on a cake.

It worked wonderfully.

Definitely a cheat worth repeating!

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