Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kids Food #4 - Shepherds Pie

I do like a good Shepherds Pie.
It is simple, filling and makes me think of home.

Kids love it too.

I adapted this version to be more child friendly by limiting the seasoning quite a bit, and just simplifying the whole thing.

Both of my children pretty much finished their plates and that my friends is a very good sign.

Start by boiling 300 gram finely chopped potatoes, while it boils you can cook the mince.
Sautee half a finely diced onion in a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Add some diced carrot and sautee for a couple of minutes. Now add about 250 gram beef minced meat. Brown the mince for a few minutes and then add a dash of worcester sauce and a dash of tomato ketchup. Add a handful of frozen peas just before the mince is completely cooked.

Remember to check the potatoes - you want them soft enough to smash but not completely falling apart. Once the mince is cooked through, set aside and serve up with smashed potatoes.

I mixed it all together for the kids since that is how they prefer it.
Serve to happy and hungry kids!


  1. Hee, dit lijkt me erg lekker! Mijn moeder maakte vroeger wel eens sheperd's pie maar daar zat een blik champignonsoep door in mijn herinnering (dat is vast blasphemy;))

    En het doet je denken aan thuis...echte comfort food dus! Waar komt dit gerecht dan oorspronkelijk vandaan? Volgens mij Engeland toch?

  2. Ja, echt een beetje comfort food! Dit gerecht heet ook vaak Cottage Pie en komt van Engeland. Dankjewel Engeland :-)


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