Thursday, 2 February 2012

Frozen Broccoli Soup - Part 2

In December I made a healthy broccoli soup which I froze.
It simply waited for us in the freezer compartment.
For about a month.

And then the moment arrived when Heidi asked for 'green' soup.

I started off by placing the rock hard frozen soup in the microwave on defrost.
For a very long time.
At least 35 minutes.
Probably longer.
It took a while for the iceberg to melt away.

Eventually I heated up the soup and served it like I usually do with some fresh wholewheat bread.

It tasted fine... maybe a little watery.

Not sure if I will be freezing soup in the near future again but that's just because I do like my soup fresh. And since it took so long to defrost, I might as well have made the soup from scratch.

You live, you learn.

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