Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Kids Food #3 - Vegetarian Pasta

This pasta dish is a real hit with the kids.
It is ever so simple and they get lots of veggies in this way!

All you basically have to do is make a pasta sauce with a little bit of olive oil, a diced onion, a diced courgette and sliced mushrooms. Add some sieved tomatoes and let it simmer away for 15 minutes. I usually add a little bit of salt and a teaspoon of sugar as seasoning.

In the meantime go ahead and get the pasta going.
I use Dora pasta since the kids love the little shapes... either way, it takes about 10 minutes and the pasta is done.

Now the big trick is to blend the sauce with a hand blender until nice and smooth.
Cover the pasta with the sauce and mix well.
Dish up and sprinkle a tablespoon or three of grated cheese on the top.

Serve to hungry kids.

The pasta sauce is in principle enough to serve four people so I decided to freeze the remaining sauce. I am sure it will come in very handy!

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