Monday, 8 October 2012

Kitchen Progress

Slowly the dust is starting to settle and slowly I am wiping it all away.
We are making progress. But it is not quite as fast as I was hoping it would be.

The oven is still in a box downstairs.
The fridge is being defrosted.
It will probably be another week before I can actually cook again and the fun of having take out for dinner has worn off.

Now for the good news.
The kitchen was completely dismantled and the wall plastered.
We built three new Ikea kitchen cabinets (around midnight, sorry neighbours!).
The counter top was cut to size and is resting on top of the cabinets.
Water pipes were extended and the wash basin fitted.
We have water again in the kitchen!
The electricity was disconnected and connected and disconnected and connected.
The dishwasher is already working hard as I type.
Yes, it is definitely not all bad.

The big questions is how we will get the new oven upstairs. I'm hoping for some magic.


  1. Nog even volhouden, en dan....!
    Toch is dit al iets beter dan al dat hak en breekwerk hè?
    Beetje minder stoffig ook.
    Succes met de oven, groetjes van Mirjam.

    1. Ja, het is zeker weten minder stoffig, dankjewel Mirjam!


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