Monday, 1 October 2012


Since the kitchen is a no go zone, there is really no point in thinking about a weekly menu. Unless I'd be serving dust for dinner. Yes, write that down... dust for dinner... OK, I'm a little depressed by my kitchen situation and my husband was kind enough to look after the kids yesterday for a few hours so I could escape to the Amsterdam Woonbeurs.

It was awesome! So much to see and to draw inspiration from. It was busy but not crazy busy. They had something of everything and I loved the stalls where you could buy all kinds of design accessories.

Kim Welling also had a stand there for her new venture with Ellen Vesters: UrLaub. They make such beautiful illustrations and I cannot wait to see what they produce next. You can also see an interview with them here from 101 Woonideen (in Dutch of course).

I still have a lot of things to figure out in the kitchen. The light fittings, the wallpaper, the flooring, to tile the wall or not... but it was lovely to spend an afternoon away from my own kitchen.

P.S. The oven has been delivered and some kitchen cabinets should be arriving on Friday so it is only a matter of time before things will be improving!

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  1. Oe, leuk uitje zeg!
    Succes verder met je droomkeuken!


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