Monday, 22 October 2012

Kitchen Progress

More painting, more cleaning, more shelves, a new back splash, the old extractor.
Yep, the kitchen is almost done.

Here is a list of things to do (as you can see it keeps growing):

- paint the wall;
- put up a few shelves;
- build the microwave oven unit and fix it to the wall;
- connect the new oven to the gas and electricity and move it into place;
- put up the extractor unit;
- unpack more all of the boxes filling up my living room.
- paint the last kitchen wall white.
- lay the laminate floor.
- buy skirting boards and put them up.
- build a bookshelf.
- build the pantry.
- build the new ikea cabinet.
- buy a new (or nearly new) radiator.
- paint the door and window frame.
- paint the indoor window cill and fix it to the frame.
- put up a trim on the outside of the new window.
- clean everything in the house.
- remove the floating shelves in the dining area.
- remove and sell the old radiator in the dining area.
- move the light fitting in the dining area and plaster the hole.
- paint the ceiling in the dining area and living room.
- plaster the new wall in the dining area.
- paint the new and old walls near the stairs in the dining area.
- go to the spa.

Here is a photo of the kitchen last night (once again sorry neighbours for making some noise today!!). The lighting does not do the room justice and I promise to take another picture in daylight.

I also want to wish my Dad and Father in Law a very happy birthday!

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