Monday, 29 October 2012

Kitchen Progress

I am so impressed with the progress this weekend!
We have a floor!!!!!!!
And the pantry shelves are also in.
The clutter is becoming less and less (you cannot see it, but I have a big smile on my face).

Here is a list of the remaining things to do:
- paint the wall;
- put up a few shelves;
- build the microwave oven unit and fix it to the wall;
- connect the new oven to the gas and electricity and move it into place;
- put up the extractor unit;
- unpack more all of the boxes filling up my living room.
- paint the last kitchen wall white.
- lay the laminate floor.
- buy skirting boards and put them up.
- build a bookshelf.
- build the pantry.
- build the new ikea cabinet.
- buy a new (or nearly new) radiator.
- paint the door and window frame.
- paint the indoor window cill and fix it to the frame.
- put up a trim on the outside of the new window.
- clean everything in the house.
- remove the floating shelves in the dining area.
- remove and sell the old radiator in the dining area.
- move the light fitting in the dining area and plaster the hole.
- paint the ceiling in the dining area and living room.
- plaster the new wall in the dining area.
- paint the new and old walls near the stairs in the dining area.
- go to the spa.

I've been using my new oven and it is pure heaven. Not sure what I'll be making this week but it will be delicious ;-)

Have a great week!


  1. Wat ziet het er mooi uit zeg!
    Die kleur op de muur doet het erg goed als basis voor alle accessoires he?
    Zo op deze collage lijkt het al helemaal af!
    Sterkte nog met de laatste loodjes...

  2. Ik vind je keuken zo ontzettend gaaf geworden!! En de kleur is echt supermooi!
    Heerlijk dat alles bijna af is en dat je weer als een volwaardige keukenprinses allerlei lekkers kan maken!


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