Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pasta with some Stuff from a Jar

It is true.
I greatly mistrust ready made food in jars and tins.
I always wonder how the food remains good for sooooooo long. Plus I wonder how they cook the meat in giant kitchens and through how many processes it has to go to reach that jar.
Now of course I understand that there is science behind it.
I get it.

My brain tells me not to think about it too much and just eat it.
My heart tells me to stay away!

So I tend to try make a lot of things from scratch.
It is not that easy and I do succumb to quite a few tins of tuna, peeled tomatoes, corn, etc.
But if you ever find a ready made meat and tomato sauce or chicken soup in my house then I'm ready to point the finger straight to my husband. He will eat anything.

I digress, back to what I made for dinner.
Pasta with a meat sauce. The meat, onions and carrots were all peeled, sliced and cooked by me but then I had no tomato base for the sauce... so I found a jar of vegetables in my cupboard. The label was in Italian so I was not sure what exactly we would be eating. Some kind of tomato based vegetable concoction. It came from a farm in Italy (La Vialla) where everything is organic so it must be ok (right?!). I decided not to think, just do. I tossed it in with the meat and a sauce was made.

Even though I hate to admit it, the sauce was good. I served it with parmesan, a salad and ciabatta bread. My husband loved it and even had a second helping.
Enough said.

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