Monday, 6 June 2011

Bagels and beans

A giant decaf soy milk latte.
Add some bagels in the mix and you should not be surprised to find yourself sitting in Bagels and Beans in the Biltstraat, Utrecht. It gets quite busy here on the weekend but we were lucky enough to get a table. When the weather is good they have tables outside, but today the weather did not play along.

I had delicious chicken, avo and pesto on a multi grain bagel, and my husband had a vegan version of that i.e. a lot of avo and no chicken or pesto.

Heidi enjoyed her bagel with chocolate sprinkles - oh, the joys of being three years old. They have a big box of children's books in the corner which she 'read' while we finished our giant lattes. Even Stella decided to be on her best behaviour by sleeping the whole time.

Lazy lunches on a rainy Sunday afternoon, now that's what life is all about.

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