Sunday, 26 June 2011

Coffee and biscuits

It started pouring with rain while we were driving around in Crete.
One minute the sun was shining and as we turned a corner on a mountain pass the rain put in an appearance. It wasn't cold, just wet.

So we decided to stop in Tsoutsouros and have some coffee.

Of course we couldn't resist the biscuits they had displayed in the little cafe. So a selection was made and enjoyed with our cappuccinos. They were buttery and sweet, just as they should be.

Heidi had ice cream, which we later lived to regret. The rental car will probably never be the same again...

As we stood on the side of a mountain, cleaning the car with baby wipes, the sun came out and the rain was soon forgotten. The incident with the ice cream will take a while yet before it is wiped from our memories.


  1. Arme Heidi en arme jullie! Gelukkig was het een huurauto!
    De koekjes zien er goed uit! Ik weet een vakantie in Griekenland en Haiko een enorme doos met koekjes bij een bakkertje had gehaald. Heerlijk! En dik was ik toch al met 29 weken zwanger...

  2. It was quite an ordeal but yes, luckily it was a rental!
    The biscuits were delicious, I can just imagine the pregnant you eating koekjes ;-) Must seem like ages ago now!


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